Novella Sale: Celebrating Ken Klonsky Novella Contest winners

2013 marked the fifth year that Quattro has run its annual Ken Klonsky Novella Contest. The contest is now open for 2014. We invite submissions from Canadian citizens from coast to coast; the competition is fierce, with winners being awarded publication. We are consistently amazed at the talent of Canadian writers, and thrilled to see more and more writers experimenting with the great form of the novella, whose time to shine in North America, we feel, is finally here (and long overdue!)

While contest-winning stories vary greatly in content and style, one thing they all have in common is strong writing from fascinating voices. Below, check out our list of award winning books. Until July 12, all past winners are on sale!


Harbour View by Binnie Brennan
A Pleasant Vertigo by Egidio Coccimiglio


Retina Green by Reinhard Filter
A Gardner on the Moon by Carole Giangrande


Shrinking Violets by Heidi Greco
Break Me by Tom Reynolds


The Proxy Bride by Terri Favro
The Lebanese Dishwasher by Sonia Saikaley


Inheritance by Kirsten Gundlack Levinson
Oatcakes and Courage by Joyce Grant Smith

YOU?! Get your submission in today and it could just be!

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