Tactility morphing into thought, thought into memory, memory calcifying into language: such are the ‘in-between’ states explored in Evidence. Resembling core samples of conscious experiences, these a-temporal, fragmentary poems explore memory, spatiality and the mechanics of thinking. In this unsteadily shifting landscape, a productive tension between hyperlucid recollection and total atomization is everywhere in evidence.

About The Author

Samuel Andreyev


Reviews of this Book

“What to say about this young poet that will make his work sound more interesting than it already is? Any lame explanations I might provide would leave Andreyev’s mystifying sense of balance in ruin. If you have ever wondered how many words a poet might place on the head of a pin before the angles start singing, this is a book for you.” –Jay MillAr

“Max Ernst once said that an artist should keep one eye on the inner realm and one eye on the outside world. With this collection, Samuel Andreyev accomplishes that and more, casting a third eye onto a vivid poetic domain that lies distinctly elsewhere.”
–Steve Venright

“In Evidence, Samuel Andreyev’s visionary poems always know when to stop. They refute perfection but flirt with omniscience. He declares that one day he will escape the logs and bark of undivided attention and will eventually become made of time.”
–David W. McFadden

Nothern Poetry Review