hold the note

hold the note is a wide-ranging collection unified by a jazzy, syncopated writing style—dynamic, sometimes experimental, often playful, yet always passionately engaged, sensual and visceral.

About The Author

Domenico Capilongo


Reviews of this Book

“There’s a jazzy synergy of form, language and subject matter in Capilongo’s poetry. Reading hold the note left me winded with exhilaration.”
— Len Gasparini, author of The Broken World

“Beyond his poems devoted specifically to jazz, Domenico Capilongo’s strength throughout the book is the ability to infuse his written lines with the immediacy of heard sound. To Capilongo, poetry is inseparable from music: his leaps from the darkest of timbres to a delirious naïveté have an exhilaration that few writers can achieve.”
—David Lee, author of The Battle of the Five Spot

The Toronto Quarterly