In this work, Landry writes about the grandeur of the northern landscape, as well as everyday life in the Arctic. The poems trace the developing relationships with her Inuit hosts: friendship, family bonds, celebration, and loss are some of the themes she explores. Landry introduces Inuktitut into the writing and the Inuktitut syllabics create a stunning visual. This collection of poetry presents a thoughtful glimpse into the heart of Inuit culture.

About The Author

Barbara Landry


Reviews of this Book

“This book that you are going to read is going to make you imagine the North. It felt like I was there, that I left my body and became a part of those people, especially when they were seal-hunting…It makes me so proud of being alive and my Inuk-ness. This is how we live as Inuit; we are different in some ways from other cultures, through both happiness and hard times. I think you might be touched by this book.”
—Myna Ishulutak, Inuktitut instructor and filmmaker.

The Toronto Quarterly