Romancing the Buzzard

Like a blazing star, an amazing man falls into the author’s life, sparking an all-encompassing love. But she is sometimes frightened by how brightly it burns. It is so easy to believe in him. And he believes, too, in his gift – in his communication with angels. His beliefs also venture into curses, and persecution by churches, and eventually in the evil spirits he thinks he is seeing. Astral attackers are trying to kill him, he says. He claims they feed off the deviance, the ugliness, of her soul. Finally, in his mind, she has been replaced by a duplicate, and by then her only chance for survival is escape.

About The Author

Leah Murray


Reviews of this Book

“This is a love story. This is a horror story. It is an examination of mental illness written with lyric beauty and it is a factual and cold recounting of a public trial. I came away from the reading shocked and saddened but grateful for this memoir, with all its tenderness and terror. If you want to understand how anyone can fall too deeply in love, read this book. You won’t forget it.”
–Carolyn Smart, author of Hooked: Seven Poems

“Using words like pinpricks of light, Leah Murray’s writing illuminates dread constellations above a landscape darkened by fear and desire – treacherous at one end with careful-what-you-wish-for, and then tilted, crazily, towards a harrowing escape.”
–Darryl Joel Berger, author of Punishing Ugly Children

“Leah Murray’s Romancing the Buzzard is a powerful story of a woman caught under the wheels of a fate she seemed to have chosen. Told through the many voices of love and obsession, of need and delusion, the narrative relentlessly captures the two people at the heart of this story, driven by their demons. And under it all, a small spirit tries to make itself heard.”
–Laurie Lewis, author of Little Comrades

The Toronto Quarterly