The Cousin

The Cousin is an extraordinary journey that evolves from going somewhere, in this case Sicily, to ending up somewhere else, in this case, inside the body of a transvestite named Simone. The Cousin deals as much with memory, violence and sexuality as it does with family, self and culture.

About The Author

John Calabro


Reviews of this Book

The Cousin is a delightful novella. Calabro’s style is gentle and effortless, his character creation so absorbing and so right on, and of course it is a great narrative, so surprising, so bizarre, and yet so honest.”
–Sky Gilbert, author of An English Gentleman and Brother Dumb

“Calabro’s work erases the line between the ordinary and the haunting, as if he has peeled back the skin of the real to make it ‘realer’.”
–Nino Ricci, author of Lives of the Saints and The Origin of Species

The Cousin is essentially a tale of unmasking the truth. The language is crisp and clear and the Sicilian setting is beautifully recreated in fresh realistic brushstrokes… The Cousin’s use of sexuality is an original look at finding the truth about your roots and identity… the book sizzles with erotic power.”
–Prairie Fire