The Extraordinary Event of Pia H.

These being sullen times and unconsidered, we could not say that Doña Camino was surprised when she saw, before her very eyes at precisely 10:24 and a few seconds, more or less, under a bright spring sun in the Plaza Mayor, that lovely young woman vanish into thin air. Doña Camino had long known that she was destined to witness a miracle, and was in fact starting to wonder if indeed she had not already witnessed one, but that it was her fate to have been otherwise distracted and to not have taken notice.

About The Author

Nicola Vulpe


Reviews of this Book

“Nicola Vulpe is one of Canada’s most intriguing and imaginative authors. The Extraordinary Event of Pia H. is a story of dark miracles, but the real miracle is the writing: dense, playful — and utterly engaging.”
—Mark Frutkin, author of Fabrizio’s Return

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