Wit in Love

Wit in Love is the story of a philosopher who falls in love. The narrator lives so much in his head that he has an extraordinarily strained relationship with reality. Written in the form of a journal, Wit in Love chronicles the day-to-day existence of a man who is struck – anything but – dumb, by romance. There are three young men in his life — a shabby graduate student, a sexy train attendant, and the living memory of a past love. Wit in Love is loosely based on the life and loves of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

About The Author

Sky Gilbert


Reviews of this Book

“Gilbert is a world class rambler…nothing but entertaining.”
The Toronto Star

“I think Wit in Love is astounding, and I think Sky Gilbert…as a writer of prose…is perhaps our most subtle and nuanced. Working carefully and weighing each word, Gilbert creates a vivid and compelling portrait of an intellectually-defended philosopher trying to ride shotgun on his very human emotions.”
-Paul Quarrington, author of Whale Music and The Ravine

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