David Day’s “Lost Animals” Re-vamp

by Natasha

David Day, of Emperor’s Panda fame, has been busy spending the last few months updating his YouTube channel with brilliant and informative videos on the same “lost animals” he describes in Nevermore: A Books of Hours and The Doomsday Book of Animals.

The videos, originating from the mid-90s, were of a 100-part series that made up the television show “Lost Animals of the 20th Century.” David’s YouTube channel features videos on the Caribbean Monk Seal, the Japanese Wolf, Thylacine and many more strange and beautiful (but natural) creatures. David’s re-vamp of the series on his DocuTube channel will interest readers and wildlife enthusiasts of all ages, especially fans of BBC’s “Life” series.

David is no stranger to television and film, as many of his works have influenced television or radio shows, ballets, and plays. In 1990, he even hosted the educational show “Noah’s Choice” about survival and extinction of certain species.

David Day’s DocuTube channel can be found under David Day Books, or by checking his site for updates at www.daviddaybooks.com.

You can find David Day’s book for purchase on the Quattro website:

The Emperor’s Panda
Nevermore: A Book of Hours

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