Featured Fiction: Surrender

by Kim Hesas


What do you get when you combine a diabolical beaver school mascot, The Wizard of Oz, Robbie Burns, and Dante? Why, you get Surrender, the debut novella by Peter Learn, the tale of a defunct school mascot that returns to haunt the principal who ordered his demise. Told through a series of vivid nightmares and haunting flashbacks, Surrender is a literary loot bag of pop cultural references and linguistic surprises.

In addition to the laugh-or-snort-out-loud-humour and snappy narrative style, Surrender casts a fresh perspective on our imperfections. Everyone has a past that sneaks into our subconscious and can sometimes skew our perceived reality. Sometimes it seems all you can do is surrender to a furry web-footed nemesis… but don’t give yourself away.

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