Recommended Reading: Sew Him Up by Beatriz Hausner

Sew Him Up

The world of Beatriz Hausner’s poetry in Sew Him Up is a surreal place. For those who enjoy a little critical thinking in their free verse, I recommend this book. This isn’t your average, straightforward poetry collection.

At times nostalgic, other times heartrending, this book weaves the nuanced, complex emotions of the heart and the physical cover of the human body into a sewing motif that is simultaneously hypnotic and morbid. With an obvious cognizance, Hausner distorts a reader’s expected perception of love, family and dreams.

This collection exemplifies surrealism at its heart – the jarring and disorienting transformation of something once familiar and uncomplicated, now twisted beyond recognition to achieve a refreshingly new perspective. Experience passion and gut-wrenchingly dark imagery in the same verse, and the confusing but beautiful sensual overtones layered into the misleadingly simple process of stitching a dress.

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