Special Announcement: Changes at Quattro Books

Dear Friends,

As of May 1, one of our founders, Allan Briesmaster, will be retiring from Quattro Books. After 10 ½ years of dedicated work with many of our authors, he is looking forward to travelling more and focusing his energy on his own writing and imprint Aeolus House, which will remain a member of the Quattro Books family. As will Allan’s own personal and aesthetic imprint through his tremendous legacy of work editing and producing dozens of titles of both poetry and fiction during his tenure.

If you know Allan, you will not be surprised to hear that he informed us of his intentions many months ago to give us time to transition as smoothly as possible. 2016 was itself a year of transition for Quattro, presenting us with some challenges that were only manageable thanks to Allan’s increased commitment of time and activity, including the training and mentoring of a new Administrator.

Respect for Allan in the writing and publishing community in Canada runs very deep and is what attracted some of the country’s foremost poets to our house. All of us here, both past and present, thank him for his significant contribution to the current incarnation of the company which we continue to build on as Quattro continues to evolve. We are looking forward to the Fall 2017 season when seven new titles will be released. Stay tuned for more preview details in the coming weeks and months.

Thankfully, with Aeolus House staying on as a Quattro Books imprint, we will have the opportunity to keep working and publishing with Allan, just in a different way. So for now we just want to say to Allan, once again, a heartfelt Thank You. It won’t be the same without you.

Luciano Iacobelli, Publisher and Executive Director, and Sonia D’Agostino, Associate Publisher

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