Take a Trip to ‘Traitors’ Gate’


Reading Traitors’ Gate was definitely an adventure. The biggest surprise was how much I learned by reading it. It was smart, and fast paced and I feel like I learned about relationships between Israel and Palestine in a way I had never considered before. Against a fictional backdrop, the issues took on a different and new meaning for me and painted a picture of a part of the world I had, admittedly, not wholly understood before. In many ways, a book that can open your eyes and show a reader something new, is a wonderful gift. I was also drawn to the heroine, a strong and steadfast intelligent woman, weaving her story and herself through the London underground in an attempt to solve a mystery and a murder.

Traitors’ Gate took me out of my comfort zone and was definitely not the kind of thing I usually read. I am, however, so pleased to have read it! It was a refreshing take on the mystery, crime, and thriller spy novel and kept me guessing until the end. I highly recommend taking a trip to Traitors’ Gate, where nothing is as it seems, but what you get is a great read!


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