Toronto Public Library Goes for the Big Bucks


The Toronto Public Library has steadily been initiating changes in their system that will allow them to cover their costs and make up a $3.9-million budget shortfall. By next month, when you take out a library book and get your handy date-due slip you will also be receiving a push towards buying some new product. Based on the Library’s new advertising program run by the same Toronto-based company which colours the back of your grocery store receipts with logos and slogans, this new venture will generate roughly $20,000 annually as well as save the TPL twice as much in paper costs. In fact, this is not the only money-making option they are exploring. Soon ads might be popping up on the library WiFi service as well as on their main website. Furthermore, the library announced the launch of their Retail Affiliate Program, allowing customers to purchase books via its website, with the library itself retaining a portion of the sales. Its partnership with Indigo is another way they’re making up a conspicuous budget gap holding them back. Although I hardly noticed it before, the library seemed to be a relatively ad-free space…and it seems like that’s about to change with Indigo and other companies buying space on its sidebars and receipts alike. What do you think about the Toronto Public Library’s plan to boost its revenue?


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