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Quattro Books’ publications reflect the unique cultural character and dynamism of Canada today: what it has been, and what it is in the process of becoming. The Canadian literary scene is international; our national experience is informed and enriched through literatures brought by immigrants and newcomers. We are the home of the Novella.


Our next launch will be on June 2nd at the Supermarket at 7pm. We will be launching some exciting new fiction from both new and established writers:

-An Imperfect Man by John Calabro

-The Escape Artist by Anita Kushwaha

-Loopholes by Showey Yazdanian **The Ken Klonsky Novella Contest Winner for 2015

-Too Much on the Inside by Danila Botha


-Duck Lake Chronicles by John Goodman

Keep your eyes peeled, more information to come!

Get a sneak preview of “The Escape Artist” with this reading by the Author, Anita Kushwaha!


Thank you to everyone who attended! It was a great turnout with some even better readings! We hope to see you again for our next launch on June 2nd at the Supermarket!



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If you missed the launches and want to pick up any (or all!) of our fabulous fall titles, visit their book pages to place your order today!

2015 Ken Klonsky Novella Contest

Get out your quills, pencils, typewritters, hammers and chisels for this year’s Klonsky Contest! Send us your novella’s starting June 1st and see our submission page for more information.

Quattro Books will publish the best novella manuscript by a Canadian author as part of their 2016 publishing list

For more details, click HERE.

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2014 Ken Klonsky Novella Contest:

Loopholes by Showey Yazdanian

Look forward to seeing Loopholes in your local bookstores soon and make sure to stop by Quattro’s Second Spring Launch on June 2nd to be the first to grab a copy!

Check out this great article on the Descant blog by Lesley Kenny “The Novella: neglected middle child of prose” for an insight into the world of the novella.

The Hundred Lives Shortlisted for Griffin Poetry Prize!

A Big Congratulations to Russell Thornton for making the shortlist for his poetry collection, The Hundred Lives!

TheHundredLives_Final Cover_Front

Congratulations to Shane Book (Congotronic) and House of Anansi Press as well as Jane Munro (Blue Sonoma) and Brick Books for their nominations!

We are thrilled that Russell Thornton’s book The Hundred Lives is on the short list for the Griffin Poetry Prize. This is the Judges’ Citation:

“The poems in The Hundred Lives burn with a rare blend of rhythmic intensity and hard-earned experience that make them at once timeless and contemporary; on page after page, in line after line, we hear the ancient, communal music of language sung through a consciousness of maturity, loss, and restless spiritual hunger. In a very real sense, Thornton ’s lyric narratives and dialogues – of travel, of Lazarus and the Song of Songs, of romantic love – dramatically enact Robert Frost’s notion that the greatest of all attempts is ‘to say matter in terms of spirit, or spirit in terms of matter, to make the final unity’. Thornton speaks with utter conviction and credibility to forge a personal vision, a ‘pathway through the apple’, to an always-richer understanding of human experience. Whether the poems take us to Greece , where gypsy women move ‘like living tarot in the street’, or to the memory of a beloved grandmother ‘out in the sailing ship of her wedding dress. Her ashes’, always The Hundred Lives puts us in intimate touch with ‘first fire, first waters’, with the tenderness and pain of vital engagement.”

Read more HERE

Interviews and Reviews

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Check out the new INTERVIEW with Grace O’Connell of Open Book Toronto with Danila Botha, where they talk about her new book, “Too Much on the Inside”

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Michael Dennis reviews “Night Vision” by Christopher Levenson

Ottawa Review of Books reviews “Revenge of the Grand Narrative” by Richard Rosenbaum – Reviewed by Ranga Iyer-Rajah

Get a sneak peak of what’s to come with this great Interview with Danila Botha on her new novel with Quattro, Too Much on the Inside

Down the Street by The Library of Pacific Tranquility

Costume and Bone Reviewed by Ranga Iyer-Rajah of Ottawa Review of Books

Revenge of the Grand Narrative is a novel that brought a smile to my face…

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