About Fourfront Editions

Fourfront Editions is an imprint of Quattro Books which explores genres besides fiction and poetry. To date, we have published Fourfront art and photography books, a children’s book, creative non-fiction (memoir, philosophy, natural history), and books for teachers, in addition to select works of poetry.

Fourfront books are of the highest quality, both in terms of production values and in their content. Moreover, each one is designed in ways that fully express its uniqueness.

These books are further distinguished by their business model. Financing to cover the costs of production comes from patrons, sponsors, grants (e.g., by a university), and/or by means of pre-orders. Other special arrangements could include having a guest editor or guest designer, or hiring a printing company that can furnish unusual paper and cover stock and handles special requirements for graphics and colour plates.

Marketing and promotion are also geared to the uniqueness of each book: which might be a limited edition, or be intended for a larger and quite different audience from that for Quattro’s poetry and fiction. Titles from Fourfront and Quattro are equally available to be ordered online, and from bookstores and booksellers, via the same distributor.

An added advantage of Fourfront titles is that they can be produced in a relatively sort period: usually under a year, and sometimes even in half a year. And they are not necessarily limited to being released during the conventional Spring and Fall publishing seasons.

Anyone who wishes to develop a proposal for a Fourfront book should email luciano@quattrobooks.ca. We invite people to pitch us their ideas.


Fourfront Titles:


The Unquiet by Ian Burgham

Cyclists by Lincoln Clarkes

Behind the Whip: Dominatrix by Maria Coletsis

Nevermore: A Book of Hours by David Day

The Emperor’s Panda by David Day

Jack Layton: Art in Action edited by Penn Kemp

Rain Dance by Viktor Mitic

Teachers at Their Best/Enseignants sous leur meilleur jour by Gina Valle

Cleopatra at the Breakfast Table by Peter O’Brien

Sweet Nothing by Carmela Circelli