Penn Kemp’s full Acknowledgements for Barbaric Cultural Practice

Several of the poems in Barbaric Cultural Practice were provoked into being by political events; hence, the title. As an aging activist, I confront by words such issues as climate change and overwhelmingly new technologies. The poems juxtapose the stress of urban life as compared to nature’s round. The poems deal, for example, with the effect of computers on our psyche and with the imprint of electronic media upon perception, consciousness and dream life. Barbaric Cultural Practice pays tribute to our dear Mother World’s enchantments as well as her upheavals. Poetry is my response to the unprecedented complexities of our time.

I’m deeply grateful for family and friends’ encouragement en route and ongoing during the evolution of these poems. The list is long and extends back decades.

The cover painting, Transporting, is by my beloved friend, Anne Anglin. It is her vivid interpretation of an equally vivid dream I had.

Special thanks to Allan Briesmaster, my editor and publisher of Barbaric Cultural Practice. A fine poet himself, he is the ideal editor, encouraging, engaging, and always astute. Thanks as well to my dear poet friends, Katerina Fretwell, Leona Graham, Susan McCaslin, and most especially to Susan McMaster, for their keen eyes and ears and discerning comments. Thanks to J. R. (Tim) Struthers, for suggesting the title, “The Hart of London.” And to Catherine Ross, my literary executrix!

Gavin Stairs included some of these poems in artbooks, republishing earlier works through our little company, Pendas Productions. I have posted poems on

Several of these poems or lines therein have been published in my books: Binding Twine (Ragweed Press), Trance Form (Soft Press), Some Talk Magic (Ergo Productions), Throo (Moonstone Press), ANIMUS (Caitlin Press), as well as two chapbooks: Eidolons (White Pine Press) and from Dream Sequins (Lyrical Myrical Press).


Poetry needs to be heard as well as read, so I have concentrated in recent years on audio renditions and videopoems in collaboration with Bill Gilliam, John Magyar, Dennis Siren, and Gavin Stairs:

Three of these poems were performed and recorded at Aeolian Hall, London Ontario, for my DVD, Luminous Entrance: a sound opera for climate change action (Pendas Productions). “Facing the Epicentre” was part of the performance of Luminous Entrance at London’s Aeolian Hall with Anne Anglin, Ruth Douthwright, Brenda McMorrow, Robert Menegoni, and me. Video by Dennis Siren, recorded by John Magyar:

More of these poems can be heard on my CD, From The Lunar Plexus, thanks to Bill Gilliam, John Magyar and Gavin Stairs. It is available from Pendas Productions,

The last poem of Barbaric Cultural Practice, sung by Brenda McMorrow, was the theme song for my radio show, Gathering Voices, on CHRW FM, Radio Western, London: and
“From an Upstairs Window, Winter” (revised here as “Blow by Blow”) and “Altar Ego” appear in composer Bill Gilliam’s DVD Memory Vision, These poems are also included in Dennis Siren’s Five Eerie Pieces: Visual, Sound and Music Envisionings of five short poems by Penn in collaboration with multimedia artists who are inspired by and interpret Penn’s poetry.
“Night Orchestra” and “Flux, Flash, Flood” can be heard on “Night Orchestra” is sampled and synthesized by Bill Gilliam on http://youtube/tX-tOHRleH0. It is also up on, with thanks to Edward Pickersgill, as well as The Poetry Jar,
“Night Orchestra,” “Sin Tax,” “Cogito Ergo Sum,” “Electrical Events,” and “Bass On The Grass” can be heard on Torture and Triumph, CD & magazine, scars publications collection, “Bass on the Grass” can also be heard on

“Man Date” is up on,

Several of the poems in Barbaric Cultural Practice were provoked into being by political events. Others were commissioned. “Ode to Tim Two Bits” was first performed at London’s Aeolian Hall and then for “Community Activism For Urban Change” in the Speaker Series at The Arts Project, London, and again for National Poetry Month when the subject was Food. It was written up on
“In Celebration Forest” was commissioned by ReForest London. It can be heard on…/09/…/londons-poetry-activists-out-to-change-the-world.html.
The story was chosen as Metro’s most memorable feature of 2013:


Versions of most of the poems were first published in magazines, literary journals and newspapers. I would like to thank the editors of all the literary magazines that support Canadian writing. The London Free Press and Metro News (London) have been most supportive in publishing occasional poems over the last decade. I would like to thank all those editors who support and promote Canadian writing. The League of Canadian Poets has supported most of the readings where these poems were performed. A Toronto Arts Council grant gave me much appreciated time to write.

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