Antonino Mazza

Antonino Mazza is an award winning poet, translator and editor. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and son and is an instructor at Carleton University.

Noted achievements include:
Grotteria Poetry Prize, for La nostra casa è in un orecchio cosmico (2001); Brutium “Calabria” Gold Medal in Rome, for The City Without Women (1994); The Italo Calvino Translation Prize from Columbia University, for P. P. Pasolini, Poetry (1992).

His edited books include:
Immigrant Songs: the poems, fiction and letters of Saro D’Agostino, collected, edited and with an introduction (Quattro Books, 2012); and the work of fiction, Urban Harvest (Trans-Verse, 2004)

He has also edited numerous works of poetry, including:
La nostra casa è in un’orecchio cosmico (Monteleone Editore, 1998); The Way I remember it (Guernica, 1992); Structures of Chaos (1978). His work also includes spoken word recordings: The Way I Remember It, with his musician brother, Aldo Mazza (Trans-Verse, 1988) and Pier Paolo Pasolini, The First Paradise, Odetta, with Aldo Mazza (Trans-Verse, 1985)

Antonino Mazza’s translations include:
Mario Duliani, The City Without Women: A Chronicle of Internment Life in Canada During World War II (Mosaic Press, 1993); Pier Paolo Pasolini, Poetry (Exile Editions, 1991); Pier Paolo Pasolini, The First Paradise, Odetta (Thee Hellbox Press, 1985); Eugenio Montale, The Bones of Cuttlefish (Mosaic Press, 1983)

Finally, Mazza has contributed to film collaborations, such as Barbed Wire and Mandolins (NFB of Canada, 1997).

Books by this Author

Immigrant Songs