A River at Night

An archaeologist of the human heart, Paul Zemokhol uncovers the memories of his Egyptian ancestors and their lost world by the Nile, and he starkly juxtaposes them with his own plain experiences of Canadian urban life in Toronto and Montreal. Writing in a style that is both lyrical and elegiac, Zemokhol yearns for a poetry that existed before him, finding remnants of it in his own memories, friendships, family relations, and heroes. This collection will seduce the reader with its lilting musicality, sincerity of feeling and richness of imagery.

About The Author

Paul Zemokhol


Reviews of this Book

“All poets sing wisdom, but few do so as plainly and as poignantly as Paul Zemokhol. He shows some Beat bliss, he pursues folksong rhythms, and he expresses that Zen understanding that unifies God and ant, cloud and diamond, the Nile and traffic jams, and, especially, the head and the heart. I read him as combining William Carlos Williams and William Blake: he is both a friend happy with life and a visionary who sees beyond mortality. Zemokhol’s River isn’t ink; it is light. Its taste isn’t brackish, but biblical: wine with honey, plus just a dash of vinegar for piquancy.”
–George Elliott Clarke