And tell tulip the summer

And tell tulip the summer charts a journey over several years and continents amidst the turmoil and conflict that mark our time. Episodic, combustive, lyrical and urbane, its poems and stories capture and captivate the world we know and wish to know. The book unfolds like a storied map, from the war-torn Balkans, to the Sahel, where sand and sky compel extreme disjunctions, to Paris and New York, where culture and commerce dance their deadly tango, to Cajun Louisiana, where cane farmers struggle to survive.

A compelling odyssey through fascinating times.

About The Author

Allan Graubard

Reviews of this Book

“[…]avowed American surrealist, Allan Graubard, perhaps the premier American poet in this style, can extend some traditional surrealist tropes in unexpected and psychically satisfying ways. […]Tulip seeks to turn a page, not by demonstrating what human connections, especially love affairs, would be like in a freer society, one, to keep being concrete, organized on either socialist or communal anarchist principles, but by graphically instancing what the feeling tones of such loves would be: ever-unexpected, ever-dangerous, ever-entrancing.”
-from Evergreen Review

Evergreen Review

The Pacific Rim Review of Books