It’s called a psychomanteum. A room entirely lined with mirrors. The walls, the floor, the ceiling. Everything. A dark but endlessly reflecting chamber. A reflection is a tricky thing. It seems so honest but at the same time it distorts. Left and right become reversed. Imperfection in the glass can cause subtle or drastic changes. Truth is not always what is reflected back. And for a lonely young man, what begins as curiosity and fascination turns to dread and anxiety as he drives himself to discover what truly lies beyond what we see in the mirror. Gaze is the story of the mirror’s power over the human mind and the utter fear that comes from realizing the full extent of that power.

About The Author

Keith Cadieux


Reviews of this Book

“This vertiginous story brings us face to face with the terror of what it means to confront the self in all its dark complexity. The narrator’s journey is both harrowing and rich with philosophical implica-tions. Gaze will draw you in and keep you thinking for a long, long time.”
—Warren Cariou, author of Lake of the Prairies

Winnipeg Free Press