Allan Briesmaster’s 9th collection of poetry extends and deepens some of the main themes of his previous work: the ongoing relationship to the natural world, despite the evident degradation; the media that filter and re-present one’s experiences as a 21st-century urbanized being; and the larger cosmos, surveyed in both scientific and imaginative terms, in an outward sweep, past other planets and moons, toward the mysterious “dark energy” at the frontiers of thought.

About The Author

Allan Briesmaster

Reviews of this Book

“Briesmaster’s poetry settles on you like crisp, fresh sheets; its elegant versification strikes a note as pure and clean as snow. Like physics or dance or incumbent weather, Interstellar is simultaneously simple and complicated, fluid and structured, scientific and lyrical – invoking a sense that the secrets of the universe will be revealed, if one just reads  closely enough.”
-Sandra Kasturi, author of The Animal Bridegroom

“Open Interstellar at any page and the chances are not small that you’ll have a verbal masterpiece in front of you – there are that many highly crafted triumphs of thought and feeling in this collection, that many unusually artful contemplations and enactments of our place within the natural world of the Earth and within the incomprehensibles of the worlds beyond the Earth.”
-Russell Thornton, author of The Human Shore