“I’m five foot four, sour-faced and sweaty; every dress shirt I have ever owned is dotted with Jackson Pollock driblets of perspiration. Next to the seven-foot Confidence Men who lope around boardrooms in scented mists of aftershave, I look like Dobby the House Elf…”

Walter Roger’s dream of being a wealthy lawyer dies after he is caught red-handed trying to outsource his course-work to India. Humiliated, he takes a job working for his eccentric former classmate, the one-man insult machine Octavian Castro. Together Walter and Octavian create the least successful law firm of all time…until one day everything changes. The bulimic genius Ferdinand “Mags” Magellan unearths a peculiar loophole in the immigration law that will either make them all millionaires…or destroy them.

Loopholes is a fast-paced, witty comic romp set in Toronto, Canada and Havana, Cuba

About The Author

Showey Yazdanian

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If you are a Lawyer you won’t find this funny, BUT…- Facts are Stranger than Historical Fiction