Nevermore: A Book of Hours

Nevermore: A Book of Hours is a modern bestiary and a book of remembrance, a distillation of thirty years of research and meditation by author and poet David Day, an acknowledged authority on the extinction of species. In its conception and approach, Nevermore is unlike any other natural history. It is laden with a combined sense of wonder and savagery in its vivid descriptions of first encounters with, and last glimpses of, long forgotten species. It is beautifully illustrated by four distinguished wildlife artists, and unfolds as a requiem to vanished species.

About The Author

David Day


Reviews of this Book

Nevemore is a handsome publication, unusual and innovative in content. The juxtaposition of passages of quotation, personal commentary, and poetic evocation is unique in my experience.”

—John Robert Colombo

Nevemore: A Book of Hours is quite wonderful and marvellously designed and illustrated.”
—Graeme Gibson

“Day writes natural history of rare quality.”
—New Scientist

“Concise, exciting and persuasive.”
—Times Literary Supplement

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