Of All the Ways to Die

In Of All the Ways To Die Urma holds a pot luck for the people she has lost from her life. The invitation attracts the attention of loved ones, acquaintances and a few famous faces, including a bog mummy, St. Anthony, a Cree grandmother, and an eccentric prairie shipbuilder. Is it possible they can help her find Eileen,the missing teenager? Of course, everyone brings a dish, their favourite recipes, and their stories – how they lived and yes, how they died..

About The Author

Brenda Niskala


Reviews of this Book

“This offbeat little ghost story, short and sweet, from Brenda Niskala, over twenty-five years after her first book, is, as they say, worth the wait.”
–Dave Margoshes

“… a brilliant vehicle for a story that weaves together the lives of ordinary people teetering on the edge of hope with fascinating historical figures. Reader, be prepared for tears and laughter, and for many trips to the kitchen cupboard, for the food brought to this literary table will make you drool.”
–Byrna Barclay

Of All the Ways to Die is literally a marvel; Brenda Niskala takes us on a journey into the underworld, the land of the dead, and does it here in the real live world of Saskatchewan. The book is also a marvelous collection of characters, a marvel of enchanting prose, a marvel of human compassion.”
–Robert Kroetsch