One False Move

One False Move is Tim Conley’s debut collection of poetry. As it tightropes along meaning in language, our understandings of, and relationships with, one another, and even our continued survival, it balances elegance with clumsiness, and disenchantment with unrepentant feeling. It is a book for the disenchanted, discombobulated and dissenting, for those who do not believe in wrong numbers, for those who render schematic diagrams on their ballots, for anyone stranded anywhere and for those who long to be stranded, for anyone who thinks that there are not just two sides to the question because questions do not have sides, for those who laugh and are lonely and still laugh because they can’t help it.

About The Author

Tim Conley


Reviews of this Book

“Poetry is the not-so-civil war between phrase and phrase, word and word, fragment and fragment. After each petty victory, the chess pieces are returned to their home positions and the furniture is back where it belongs. With One False Move, Tim Conley trumps up and seizes the upper hand. You’ll never know what hit you.”
—derek beaulieu

The Toronto Quarterly