Room Tone

Room Tone is an affectionately intimate behind-the-scenes look at filmmakers and filmmaking, through the eyes of Nica Lind, the gifted and photogenic daughter of a French Nouvelle Vague actress and a Swedish Cinematographer. Film-addicted at age 10, Nica enters “the family business” in her teens. When her success in Europe draws the notice of a powerful Hollywood agent, she goes to California and becomes a star in a hit TV series. Grateful for recognition, “insane amounts of money” and talented colleagues, Nica nonetheless feels out of place. Needing to be where the work she loves lives and where she is at home, both professionally and personally, she returns to Europe and to the new post-national cinema. Gale Zoë Garnett invests this character-rich homage to film life and art with clear-eyed love, wicked wit, and an insider’s understanding.

About The Author

Gale Zoë Garnett


Reviews of this Book

Room Tone is a brilliantly articulated act of love – it embraces the world of film with wide but knowing eyes and a forgiving nature. Garnett leads us with wisdom, compassion and humour into a bittersweet charmed circle that we long to be a part of.”
-Martin Sherman, playwright (Bent) and screenwriter (Mrs. Henderson Presents)

“The mark of Gale Zöe Garnett’s great talent is authenticity, an authenticity of voice that is totally persuasive because it is true to the rhythms of the language as it is spoken, an authenticity that has the power of autobiography.”
-Barry Callaghan, author of Between Trains, editor of Exile Literary Quarterly

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