The Adventures of Micah Mushmelon, Boy Talmudist

Heir to the Hipster line of rabbinical leaders and sages, eleven year old Micah Mushmelon enlists Shraga Potasznik, the comic-book-addicted protagonist of this novella to make good of all things worthwhile in this world. An heir to the rich modern Yiddish literary tradition, Michael Wex paints a vivid, hilarious picture of the hasidic demimonde. His is a view into Yiddish culture at once erudite and super hip, and always true to the cadences of a language that informs so much of modern North American culture.

About The Author

Michael Wex


Reviews of this Book

“…wise, witty and altogether wonderful … Mr. Wex has perfect pitch. He always finds the precise word, the most vivid metaphor, for his juicy Yiddishisms, and he enjoys teasing out complexities.”
-William Grimes, New York Times

“…he’s stunning, uproariously, laugh-out-loud-and-make-everyone-on-the-train-think-you’re-a-lunatic funny.”
-Joe Eskenazi, J Weekly