The Adventures of Micah Mushmelon

The Adventures of Micah Mushmelon, Boy Talmudist

Heir to the Hipster line of rabbinical leaders and sages, eleven year old Micah Mushmelon enlists Shraga Potasznik, the comic-book-addicted protagonist of this novella to make good of all things worthwhile in this world. An heir to the rich modern Yiddish literary tradition, Michael Wex paints a vivid, hilarious picture of the hasidic demimonde. His is a view into Yiddish culture at once erudite and super hip, and always true to the cadences of a language that informs so much of modern North American culture.

About The Author

Michael Wex


Reviews of this Book

“…wise, witty and altogether wonderful … Mr. Wex has perfect pitch. He always finds the precise word, the most vivid metaphor, for his juicy Yiddishisms, and he enjoys teasing out complexities.”
-William Grimes, New York Times

“…he’s stunning, uproariously, laugh-out-loud-and-make-everyone-on-the-train-think-you’re-a-lunatic funny.”
-Joe Eskenazi, J Weekly