The Emperor’s Panda

This original fairy tale is set in the time of China’s ancient celestial empire when the world was filled with a multitude of wonderful and mythical creatures. It is the story of the first panda the world has ever seen, Lord Beishung, “the rarest, most magical and wisest of all creatures in creation.” He helps a poor young shepherd boy, Kung the fluteplayer, who must embark on a great journey; a journey made perilous by evil wizards, phantoms and magical beasts.

First published in 1986, The Emperor’s Panda won an IBBY award and was nominated for a Governor General’s award and a National Library Award. Fourfront Editions is thrilled to bring this charming story back to the masses with a new edition for 2013.

About The Author

David Day

Reviews of this Book

The Winnipeg Review

 “One of the most lyrical enchanting children’s books ever produced” — Maclean’s Magazine

“A charming tale filled with myth and adventure… pure magic” — Toronto Star

“This is a story that flows as smoothly as a richly embroidered ribbon of silk” — CM Review

“Beautifully conceived” American Library Association Booklist

“Well-told tale of enchantment”– Publisher’s Weekly