Tomas and the Gypsy Violin

A story for readers of all generations, Tomas and the Gypsy Violin is a simple but powerful tale about the transformative and healing power of music. The story revolves around an orphaned Roma child, Thomas, who is adopted by a Toronto couple. The traumatized boy is unresponsive to his new environment and withdraws into his own private world, but he comes out of his shell when he is reacquainted with the old and tattered violin he brought along with him from Hungary, the only relic of his past life. This violin turns out to be his salvation. A book about the love of music and the love of parent and child, it is also one of the few books that deals with the Roma community in Toronto.

About The Author

Robert Eisenberg

Reviews of this Book

The Miramichi Reader reviews an “endearing gem” with “Tomas and the Gypsy Violin” by Robert Eisenberg

“I’m so embarrassed to have taken so long to read your wonderful book! I just finished. I enjoyed it very, very much. Congratulations, and thanks so much for sharing it with me. Fish glue – I had no idea! Thanks for all you do for Sistema.”

-James Ehnes  (world renowned violinist)

“We are very pleased to support and promote an amazing new publication by Robert Eisenberg, titled Tomas and the Gypsy Violin … This book reaches your heart, tugs away at your emotions and registers as honest, true, and believable.” – The Gypsy Rebels