Under The Mulberry Tree

Under the Mulberry Tree is an anthology of poems paying affectionate and admiring tribute to one of the most important figures in Canadian poetry in the second half of the 20th Century. Raymond Souster (1921-2012) was a groundbreaking poet of wide-ranging influence who distinguished himself like no one else, as an editor, publisher, readings organizer, and mentor. The poets contributing to this anthology include some who knew Souster personally and others from younger generations who are extending the tradition of modernist “People’s Poetry” in a Sousterian spirit. Some of the better-known of the 35 contributors include Dennis Lee, Glen Sorestad, David Donnell, Bruce Meyer, Norma West Linder, Robert Currie, Terry Ann Carter, Karl Jirgens, and John Robert Colombo. The book features a substantial editor’s introduction which details Raymond Souster’s many remarkable achievements.

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James Deahl

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