One of the Original Four has moved on

As many of our friends already know, Beatriz Hausner, one of the four founders of Quattro Books, who was with us since we began in 2006, has left our partnership to pursue other opportunities. Beatriz was a vital contributor to the formative and ongoing vision of our press, and to many of its publications, both poetry and fiction, and she will be greatly missed. We are happy that Quattro published her outstanding book of poetry Sew Him Up in 2010, and made arrangements for her bilingual book The Seamstress and the Living Doll to come out last year from Mantis Editores of Guadalajara, Mexico. Allan, John, Luciano, Maddy, and the whole Quattro team wish her the utmost success in all her future undertakings.

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  1. Rob Rolfe says:

    Beatriz may have moved on, but her contributions have played an important role in making Quattro Books a publisher open to writers representing a changing country in a changing world. Quattro has a vibrant perspective that embraces many cultures and languages and has an anti-colonial outlook on the world. I was first introduced to Quattro Books through Beatriz, who has been a mentor (and editor) to me and many other Quattro authors, and I too would like to thank her and wish her well in her own outstanding writing career.

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