Launch, and Griffin, and Q! Oh, my!


It has been a very exciting week for Quattro. We had our second Spring launch, which was well attended and a lot of fun (obviously). The readings were poignant, performative and in some cases, laugh out loud funny.

It is always exciting when new books are launched.¬†They join the ranks of the Quattro ‘family’ library, as I like to think of it.

In other exciting news, Russell Thornton’s “The Hundred Lives” has been shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize, and after a lively evening with some amazing readings by some amazing poets, tonight we will find out who wins.

Quattro has been so lucky to have the support of so many, and during a busy and exciting week like this week, it is especially important for us to thank everyone who regularly attends our launches and has supported us.

Thank You!


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