Quattro in London

Quattro was given an extraordinary opportunity last month to go the London Book Fair and meet some new people (international presses) and see a bit of London. We stayed for a week and had a wonderful time (see photos).  After having been to a couple of local book fairs, we were very excited to see what London’s was like. It was a worldwide industry fair, and almost overwhelmingly huge.  It took up three floors of the incredibly vast Olympia building  and had some of the most elaborate and beautiful booth displays that I’ve ever seen.

Quattro also made time for fun and went exploring in Leicester Square (the theatre district) and Picadilly Circus, catching some great exhibits at the local art galleries, and a group trip to the stage version of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. It was a theatrically innovative and very enjoyable show.

What seems to me to be the most important point to drive home is how grateful we are to have been given such a wonderful opportunity. Thanks to the Ontario Media and development Corporation, for continuing to fund the arts, including Quattro Books. We were able to attend this amazing and eye- opening event, which enabled us to make a substantial number of promising connections for Quattro with U.K and European publishers, and was for some of us to return to a fascinating city, while others were able to take in its wonders for the first time.

We hope you enjoy some of the phenomenal things we saw!


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